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Sara II DEC 2000-300 121064150 MHz32 MB
Flingo DEC 3000-300 121064150 MHz32 MB
Cissi VAX 4000-300 2Rigel36 MHz160 MB
Opal II VAXstation 3100 M76 2Rigel? MHz32 MB
Opal VAXstation 3100 M30 1CVAX12 MHz12 MB
Sara VAXstation 3100 M38 1CVAX16 MHz16 MB
eLinor MicroVAX 3100 M20 3CVAX12 MHz16 MB
Linus MicroVAX 3800 1CVAX16 MHz20 MB
Ella MicroVAX 3400 1CVAX12 MHz12 MB
Sten VAXstation 2000 2MVII5 MHz6 MB
Tom MicroVAX II 3MVII5 MHz16 MB
Tor Personal DECstation 5000/20 2R300020 MHz8 MB
Cecilia DECstation 5000/120 2R300020 MHz8 MB
Katia DECstation 5000/133 1R300033 MHz48 MB
Cecilia II DECstation 5000/200 2R300025 MHz64 MB
Petite MicroPDP 11/53 1J-11? MHz0.5 MB
Conny DEC Professional 380 1J-11? MHz0.5 MB
Ludde PDP 11/23 1F-11? MHz0.25 MB
Noname2 MicroPDP 11/23+ 1F-11? MHz0.5 MB
Noname4 DEC Professional 350 1F-11? MHz0.25 MB
Lady PDP-8/I 1?? MHz?x4 KW

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