A detailed index of the FAQ

  1. About the group
    1. What is alt.sysadmin.recovery?
    2. Notes on reading ASR
    3. Special note RE: alt.humor.best-of-usenet
    4. What is not welcome on alt.sysadmin.recovery?
    5. What does BOFH mean? How about LART? Cow orker?
    6. Where can I find the BOFH?
    7. The BOFH hierarchy
    8. Official ASR mottos
    9. Hail Eris! Sysadmin Religion
    10. Official anagrams of ASR.
    11. Songs to drink to
    12. Man pages
    13. ASR organizations
    14. So what's with the INTJ and stuff?
    15. I hate this group! Where do I complain?
    16. ASR Luser of the year
  2. About our fine profession
    1. I want to be a sysadmin. What should I do?
    2. So, I've just "volunteered" to be a sysadmin. What do I do?
    3. Where do sysadmins rank as a profession?
    4. How are new sysadmins made?
    5. What's a typical day in the life of a sysadmin?
    6. Why can't I find my sysadmin?
    7. What sort of music does sysadmins listen to???
  3. Our little friend, the computer
    1. Are there any OSs that don't suck?
    2. How about any hardware?
    3. Just HOW MUCH does this system suck?
    4. Where can I find cluefull tech support?
    5. What can I do to help my computers behave?
    6. What's with the AOL disks?
    7. What can I do with all these CD Roms?
  4. Our big headache, the lusers
    1. Where can I find stories about the little bastards?
    2. I'm work for tech support. Where can I find cluefull customers?
    3. General luser interaction
    4. What is the best way to deal with lusers?
    5. Revolvers, cyanide and high voltages: The pros and cons of various luser education strategies.
    6. How can I clean up the mess made by a lusers brain splattered across a monitor?
    7. What is the penalty for murdering a luser?
    8. How much should I charge for holding their hands?
  5. Dealing with being a sysadmin
    1. Caffeine and other Recreational Pharmaceuticals
    2. The excuse server
    3. The insults server
    4. Should I slit my wrists across or downwards?
    5. Sysadmin tools
    6. Psychiatric assistance
  6. OK, seriously folks! HELP!!!!!
    1. Serious info about being a sysadmin
    2. DOODZ!!!!! W3R3 CAN 1 F1ND SUM K3WL WAREZ????????????
  7. Other resources
    1. If you like ASR, you'll love...