La-15UTI by S.A.Lavochkin

seat dual controls trainer modification of the La-15, armed with single 12.7mm BS machinegun. Flight performance was slightly worser than of the series single-seater.
Two were built, trials were completed in September 1949. Since the La-15 did not enter full-scale manufacturing, trainer production was cancelled.
Technical data
Type La-15UTI
Function Trainer
Year 1949
Crew 2
Engines 1*1590kg RD-500
Length 9.56m
Wingspan 8.83m
Wing area 16.16m2
Empty weight 2805kg
Loaded weight 3730kg
Wing load 231kg/m2
Trust-to-Weight 0.43
Speed at 0m 960km/h
Speed at 5000m 980km/h
Range 910km
Flight Endurance 1h30min
Ceiling 12750m
5000m 3.0min
Guns 1*12.7mm BS
Modified February 24, 1998
Alexandre Savine
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