I-1L, Interavia

Nice 90k GIF, is one of several photos at I-1L sector of the Lukhovitsky Machine Building Plant

ight two-seat multi-purpose aircraft, designed at 'InterAvia' design bureau. First flown in 1994. Serial production started (?) in the 1st quarter of 1998, type certificate was(?) issued by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee of Russia in December 1997. It is designated for:
  • Air transportation use
  • Air patrolling
  • Oil, gas and electric power lines surveillance.
  • Estimated service period is 10,000 flight hours or 20,000 landings during a period of 15 years. Warranty coverage is one year.
    I-1L is produced by LMZ plant, part of MAPO-MiG.
    USA Textron Lycoming four-cylinder, air cooled, horizontally opposed, O-320-E2A engine and two-blade, fixed-pitch German "MT-Propeller" MT-180 R125-3D propeller (1.8m diameter) limit use of the aircraft in rural areas with poor technical support infrastructure (and shortage of non-metric tools!).
    As all light aircraft, I-1l has certain shortcoming, well balanced by advantages.
    Powerplant High performance engine and propeller Luck of service and tools in rural areas
    Landing gear Good performance on unprepared fields Puts certain stress on pilot during taxi, high from the ground cabin floor complicates boarding
    Navigation equipment Simple, easy to operate Day time operation only, weather restrictions
    Aircraft size Very compact, needs minimal hangar Minimal comfort for crew and passengers
    Comfort equipment Ventilation and heating systems No air conditioning
    Cargo bay Large for aircraft class, large access hatch Hatch is located too high from the ground
    SL-90 ?

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  • Technical data
    Type I-1L
    Function Utility
    Year 1994
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*150hp Textron Lycoming O-320-E2A
    Length 6.4m
    Wingspan 10m
    Parking height 1.86m
    Wing area ?m2
    Empty weight ?kg
    Loaded weight 820...880kg
    Wing load ?kg/m2
    Power load 5.9kg/hp
    Maximum Speed 200...250km/h
    Cruising Speed 140...150km/h
    Landing Roll (unpaved) 220m
    Takeoff Roll (unpaved) 280m
    Range 450...600km
    Seats 1...2
    Cargo weight 174kg (without passengers)
    Cargo compartment 1m3
    Created January 25, 1996
    Modified March 03, 1998 by Sergey Andreev and
    by Alexandre Savine
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