he goal of this page to help people to get closer to the history of Russian/Soviet aviation, rich with great achievements and dramatic failures. This Project going to be ever developing - as well as I'll collect more historical and technical materials, links ... and as well as Russian aviation will continue to surprise the World with something new. If you want to use or distribute any texts or images from this page (most of inline images are linked to full-size originals), you should contact author or source to obtain permission.

Some pictures (old aircraft mostly) I scanned from books on aviation history and put complete reference to the source. Most of archives are public, but in case of reasonable complains I'll remove any image posted in my collection. But I hope that publishers will consider it as a free promotion of their books.
This page grew up from Emmanuel Gustin's Military Aircraft Database obtained as few plain text FTP files. I am still busy cleaning away some errors, adding information (from a variety of sources) and comments (marked A.S.). It will take years to verify all this data with different sources, so I can't take full responsibility for precision of information. Any suggestions and comments are welcome, as well as information (historical or technical) which will be incorporated into this page (see article Vakhmistrov's Zveno as an example) with complete reference to the source, or just linked where it fits.

Many of photos are anonymous. This bothers not only because we are concerned about copyright problems (ANY image or text will be instantly removed in case of complains), but also because name of author has to appear if not ON but NEXT to his product. If you can help us to identify origin of anonymous images, please feel free to send E-mail to Alexandre Savine.

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