An-6 by O.K.Antonov

44k b/w An-6 'Meteo' at "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.395

eteorological observation aircraft. Specially modified for atmospheric, geophysical, high elevation observations at mountain ranges. Engine performance was boosted by TK-9 turbocharger, providing 850hp up to 9500m altitude.
Special observation cockpit added at the tailfin root, providing excellent sight for observer.
First flight was performed on March 21, 1948 (pilot V.A.Didenko).
An-6 with V.Kalinin on controls captured two international altitude records for aircraft with 3000...6000kg takeoff weight:
  • December 12, 1953 - 10293m;
  • June 9, 1954 - 11248m;
    Production batch was built in 1956-1958;

  • Technical data
    Type An-6
    Function Meteo observation
    Year 1948
    Crew 2+1
    Engines 1*1000/850hp turbocharged ASh-62IR
    Length 13.2m
    Wingspan 18.18m
    Wing area 71.5m2
    Empty weight 3540kg
    Loaded weight 5250kg
    Wing load 73.5kg/m2
    Power load 5.2kg/hp
    Speed at ?m 280km/h
    Landing Speed 85km/h
    Landing Roll 170m
    Takeoff Roll 180m
    Flight Endurance 4h
    Ceiling 11000m
    Created January 25, 1996
    Modified September 10, 1998
    by Alexandre Savine
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