An-3 by Antonov KB

85k color photo from Roy Cochrun's periodically changing Page

he An-3 is a turboprop-engined development of the An-2. A rather unique concept, the An-3 was built because the jet-engined PZL M-15 biplane did not stand up to the rigours of agricultural work.
First flown in 1984.
December 12, 1985 at Podkievskoe Airfield (Ukraina, USSR) Vladimir Lysenko set altitude records in Sub-class C-1f (Take-off weight 6000 to less than 9000kg), Group 2 (turboprop engines) with 1000kg and 2000kg payload, pushing An-3 to 6100m

Technical data
Type An-3
Function Multipurpose
Year 1984
Crew 2-3
Engines 1*959hp TVD-10B
2*1500hp TVD-20 'Mars' ????
Length 14.0m
Wingspan 18.2m
Wing area 71.6m2
Empty weight 3200kg
Loaded weight 5800kg
Wing load 81.0kg/m2
Power load 6.05kg/hp
Maximum Speed 260km/h
Cruise Speed 180km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Range ?km
Flight Endurance ?hmin
Ceiling ?m
Ground Level 4.0m/sec
Seats ?
Load ?kg
Created September 11, 1998
by Alexandre Savine
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