An-SKh, O.K.Antonov

40k An-2SKh with liquid dispenser, from Aviation commercial server TRIMA. 39k b/w An-2SKh equipped with RTSh-1 dispenser (As found "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.393)
he An-2 was originally intended as an agricultural aircraft, and in 1949 it got a set of appropriate equipment. For dusting 1400l hopper tank was installed. Tunnel type dispenser (right) allowed to cover field strip 18...22m wide.
45k b/w Early variant of 'duster' carried by An-2SKh, "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" Vol.2 p.394
Since 1975 3-channel RTSh-1 duster was introduced, providing 34...36m covered strip (picture at the top right).
Crops spraying (top left) performed via tube running under lower wing trailing edge. The tube is equipped with multiple replaceable dispensers. Propeller driven pump allows to dispense 18l of chemicals per second over 30m wide strip.
Any dusting and spraying equipment may be fitted on the same airframe, otherwise nearly identical to the barebone An-2T. The only difference is longer stroke landing gear, allowing to operate from the worst airfields.


Fitted with variety of interchangeable agricultural equipment, all designated An-2SKh;
Technical data
Type An-2SKh
Function Agricultural
Year 1949
Crew 2
Engines 1*1000hp ASh-62IR
Length 13.2m
Wingspan 18.18m
Wing area 71.5m2
Empty weight 3440kg
Loaded weight 5250kg
Wing load 73.5kg/m2
Power load 5.2kg/hp
Speed at 0m 230km/h
Max Speed at 1750m254km/h
Landing Speed 87km/h
Landing Roll 2400m
Takeoff Roll 200m
Ceiling 4300m
Liquid chemicals1400l
Created September 10, 1996
by Alexandre Savine
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