HyperReader Help

The HyperReader script attempts to read Bookreader format documents and present them as browser documents.

Also refer to the description (including the limitations) of the server.

Document Pages

The Hypertext interface should be intuitive enough to use. Documents are presented as a series of "pages", similar to Bookreader. The title of the book is presented across the top of the page, a series of buttons allow easy navigation of the book, the page content is presented between these and a second set of navigation buttons across the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents

The document is opened showing the Table of Contents. From here any portion of the book can be selected.

Navigation Buttons

The series of "buttons" are displayed top and bottom of each page, which when highlighted as a link provide provide direct access to other portions of the book.


Bookreader documents include hotspots, allowing the reader to jump to other portions of the document. HyperReader implements these as highlighted links.

Figures and Graphics

Images are presented inline or as "popups", as per Bookreader. Of course images may be saved locally using the specific brower's method. For example Netscape Navigator allows image saving using a right-click mouse operation when pointing over an image.

Close Button

This button returns the browser to the shelf or other page the book was opened from.